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1 Jul 2013

Welcome to Croatia


16 Jan 2013

More VAT rate increases as austerity measures bite

VAT rate increases in Cyprus, Czech Republic and Finland more

1 Oct 2012

Dutch VAT rates increased from 1 October 2012

Another VAT rate increase - this time in the Netherlands. The standard rate increased from 19 to 21% on 1 October 2012. more

26 Jul 2012

Spain Increase VAT Rates

The Spanish government has increased its standard and reduced VAT rates as of 1 September 2012 to 21% and 10% respectively. more

19 Jul 2012

Latvia Reduces its VAT Rate

The standard VAT rate in Latvia has been reduced to 21% with effect from 1 July 2012. more

31 May 2012

German ruling affects US Certificates of Status

The German Tax Office has taken a firm position when it comes to the 'tax year' shown on Certifcates of Status. more

31 May 2012

Common Problems with Supplier Tax Invoices

The most crucial element in a claim for VAT refund is the supplier’s tax invoice. Many claims cannot proceed because invoices supplied by claimants in support of them are not correctly drawn up by the supplier. more

31 May 2012

Deadline for Non-EU Claimants - 30 june 2012

A reminder to all non-EU resident businesses wishing to claim VAT refunds for calendar year 2011 - the closing date for these claims is 30 June 2012 EXCEPT for claims to the United Kingdom. more

30 May 2012

Watch out for VAT incorrectly charged

With the two major changes to the Place of Supply of services rules for VAT in the European Union, which occurred on 1 Jan 2010 and 1 Jan 2011, many B2B (Business to Business) cross-border services are now no longer subject to VAT. more

7 Mar 2012

Croatian VAT increased by 2%

The standard VAT rate in Croatia has risen by 2% as at 1 March 2012 from 23% to 25%. more

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