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Business Within the EU

Any bona fide business established in the European Union ('EU') is eligible to claim a VAT refund in respect of expenses incurred in another Member State of the EU.  Different rules governing what can be claimed apply in each state, with some countries applying a fairly generous regime and others offering limited opportunities for claim.  More information can be found here.

All potential claimants must be registered for VAT in their own country so this does not preclude organisations such as charities, clubs, membership organisations, trusts etc. from making a claim.

All claims are now filed online via a national tax portal and VATax is in a position to file such claims on behalf of its clients in all EU countries.

If you have already submitted a claim and encountered problems either at the application stage or subsequently with the inevitable queries from the national tax offices concerned, please contact us and we may be able to help.   Our experience in presenting a submission to a tax authority on behalf of a client after a query or refusal means that many claims that are initially rejected are subsequently paid or the VAT recovered from the supplier directly.

Businesses located outside the EU

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